About RSVP Real Estate

Steve Kloetsch & Andy Kloetsch
Co-Founders of RSVP Real Estate

RSVP Real Estate is a Bellevue, Washington-based real estate brokerage. Established in 2004, we serve many cities and communities across Western Washington, with nearly 400 brokers across the state.

We are a family-run business with one goal in mind: to give people a better way to buy and sell their home. Integrity, professionalism, and quality as our driving forces and keys to success. RSVP Real Estate is proud to support our brokers with a one-of-a-kind program that provides them with not only the independence they want, but also the resources they need to deliver the best experience possible.

Work With the Best

RSVP’s unique approach to real estate has resulted in happier brokers and clients, and it’s also making waves in the industry:

Meet the Owners

Steve Kloetsch
Co-Founder / CEO

RSVP began as RSVP Construction, founded years ago by my father Quentin Kloetsch in Spokane, Washington. RSVP Construction was, and still is, a premier custom house builder in Eastern Washington. Today, my brother Larry Kloetsch is the CEO, and continues the rich tradition begun by my father of providing a high-quality product at a very reasonable price. I have been “brought up” in an environment where real estate and homes have always played a major role in my life.

Together with my beautiful wife Kellene we have a blended family with a total of 4 children (in order by age Erik, Andy, Jon and Kadey). I have been a licensed agent and then a managing broker since 1999, and today continue the tradition started by my father, by being in business with my son Andy and my daughter Kadey. For over 28 years, I have been practicing the profession of “Sales and Marketing.” For a number of years, I was employed at US West and later at GE Capital. I began my career at US West climbing poles, and ended it as Vice President of Sales and Service. While a corporate career can be rewarding, I always knew I would gravitate back to my “roots.”

My father was a craftsman. He believed that any job worth doing was worth doing right, and that it should be done at a fair price. It wasn’t a very complex business philosophy, but one that served him well his entire life. RSVP Real Estate was founded on this same principle. I learned a number of things in the corporate world, but I have never forgotten the lesson from my father: provide great service and value to your clients. That is what RSVP Real Estate is all about.

Andy Kloetsch
Co-Founder / COO

I love our area…the greater Puget Sound region provides so many fun and interesting things to do, see and explore. The different bodies of water, the mountains, the Palouse but more importantly the communities and the people who make up our areas are the most attractive anywhere. It’s why my family and I call this area home and why you’ll be happy to do the same.

I grew up in Redmond, graduating from Redmond High and moving on to receive my BA from Washington State University. After school, I spent time in radio news and traffic. I soon realized I would have to leave the area to pursue better career opportunities. As I stated in my lead sentence though, I love it here.

Together my Dad, Steve and I started RSVP Real Estate which is a family-owned and operated firm. Even the name RSVP comes from a family business, RSVP Construction, founded by my grandfather Quentin Kloetsch and now run by my uncle, Larry Kloetsch. The core values of RSVP are to provide high quality service but moreover genuinely care for those we serve. Those values and beliefs along with high professional standards and integrity are the foundation of RSVP Real Estate. It is our honor and privilege to serve you.