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May 30, 2018

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades That Add Value To Your Snohomish County House

Enhancing Your Snohomish County propertyYour kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the room where people gather and talk over meals and cocktails. It is where you and your children bake cookies every Holiday Season. It is the room where you and your family share the details of your day.

Your kitchen also happens to be one of the most important deciding factors in the overall value of your home. The old saying rings true that kitchens and bathrooms are what sells houses.

Therefore, if you are considering some kitchen upgrades, and there is any chance you could move in the next decade, you better be selective in your projects. It can be hard to choose which kitchen upgrades would add value to your Snohomish County house, and which ones would be money down the toilet.

Here is our list of the best budget-friendly ways to spruce up your kitchen and add value to your Snohomish County property:

Give Your Cabinets A Facelift

Estimated Cost For This Project - $600

If you have a weekend to spare, why not give your kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint? A semi-gloss finish is usually the best way to go for the kitchen, and you should try to stick to neutral colors.

For an even bigger impact, swap out the hardware on your cabinets and drawers. You will be surprised just how much new hardware can make it feel like a whole new kitchen. Bin pulls are the best option if you want to keep the look stylish but also timeless, so you won’t have to replace them every few years.

Add A New Backsplash

Estimated Cost For This Project- $2,000

If your kitchen does not already have a backsplash, you should seriously consider adding one. The cost for this project will obviously vary on what materials you select, but the added value will make it worth the out-of-pocket cost.

Classic white subway tile, mosaics, and modern glass tile are among the most popular options on the market today. If you are really tight on budget, try going to a discount store where they often have discontinued, clearance, or overstock tiles for a fraction of the price of the big box stores.

Replace Your Countertops With Butcher Block

Estimated Cost For This Project - $300+

Butcher block countertops are not just timeless, they are appealing to the masses, and add instant value to your kitchen! When you think about it, most of the time you spend in your kitchen is at the counter tops preparing food, drying dishes, etc. So it makes sense to invest in counter tops that you will enjoy and admire.

To save money on your butcher block countertops, go to a local Snohomish County store that has reclaimed materials, and select the best looking slab of wood that you can find. It might take a bit of elbow grease on your part, but it will save you a fortune.

Add Modern Lighting

Estimated Cost For This Project - $300

When you imagine your dream kitchen, is it dark and gloomy? Of course not!

The heart of a home should be bright, warm, and illuminated. One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your kitchen to add some value is to swap out the lighting fixtures or add some new ones. Edison style bulbs are in style so anything that shows them off, like a clean line of pendant lights over the kitchen island, will breathe new life into the space.

Swap Out Those Rusty, Old Appliances

Estimated Cost For This Project - $3000

Can’t remember the last time you purchased new appliances? Then it is probably time you gave them an upgrade. Especially, if you plan to cash in on the current real estate market and sell your Snohomish County house at any point.

Make a return to those Snohomish County dent and ding stores to find the best deals on new or gently used appliances that will still be a step-up from your old ones. You will be amazed at the deals that you can find on stainless steel appliances just because they have a small dent or ding on the sides or back where you can’t even see them.

Getting Ready To Sell Your Snohomish County House?

Updating the kitchen is a great way to add value to your Snohomish County house before you list it for sale. Especially, if you are hoping to get the best possible sales price.

However, you need to be careful about where and how you invest your time and money when it comes to upgrades. You may think that the kitchen is the best place to focus on, but your Snohomish County real estate broker could have a very different opinion.

Before you waste any precious time or money on making upgrades to your house, consult with one of our experienced Snohomish County real estate brokers so that they can show you the wisest places to spend and save.

To get started find out how much your house is worth.

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May 27, 2018

Best Child Care Programs In Mason County

Finding Child Care Near Mason County Homes

Child Care Near Mason County HomesFew things are more important than the care of your children. Especially during their early developmental years. It is no surprise that most parents in Mason County choose a home based on its proximity to the best child care programs.

While there are many excellent child care programs here in Mason County, we have found that these are some the best based on their curriculum, ratings, and parent reviews.

Shelton Valley Christian Child Development Center

The instructors and caregivers at the Shelton Valley Christian Child Development Center are dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating and healthy environment for your children to learn and grow in. Their mission is to establish a firm educational foundation for every child in their care so as to they can go on to get the most out of their primary and secondary education.

The Shelton Valley Christian Child Development Center accepts infants as young as six weeks and continues to care for them all the way through age 12 with care after school. They have a reasonably large capacity of 146 children.

The center is located at 200 W SHELTON VALLEY ROAD, SHELTON WA 98584, and you can reach them by calling (360) 426-0743.

Skokomish Child Care

The Skokomish Child Care Center is another excellent option for providing your children with an early education that is rooted in the community. Unlike most childcare centers, the Skokomish Child Care Center goes way above and beyond to offer a vast array of services in the areas of medical, dental, and mental health; nutrition and parent involvement. This center looks beyond the child and focuses on servicing the family as a whole to ensure that each child is supported at school and at home.

Parents love that the Skokomish Child Care Center really strives to look at the child as a whole. They don’t just teach children fundamentals like letters and numbers, they also work on problem-solving skills, communication skills, and work on developing each child’s sense of inner control. Every child at the Skokomish Child Care Center is equally respected and treated as a team player.

The Center is located at NO 80 TRIBAL CENTER RD, SHELTON WA 98584 and you can get in touch with them by calling (360) 877-9007. They accept children as young as 11 months old, and foster their growth through the age of nine.

Colorful Creations

If you are in search of a smaller child care center with more of a boutique feel, the Colorful Creations center will be perfect for you! They have a maximum capacity of just 27 children, so you know that the class size will always be relatively small. This charming child care center is equal parts dynamic, healthy, and engaging. It is no mystery at all why children and parents both adore Colorful Creations.

You can find Colorful Creations at 2323 NORTH AD, Shelton WA 98584 and you can reach them by calling (360) 427-1382. They accept children as early as one year old, all the way through the age of twelve.

Thinking Of Moving To Mason County?

Your children's education is one of your biggest and foremost priorities. As a parent, you want to make sure that you are setting your beloved little ones up for success from the very beginning. When you live here in Mason County, you can rely on the high-quality of child care and educational opportunities that your children will have.

Explore homes for sale in Mason County or get in touch with one of our experienced Mason County real estate brokers.

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May 25, 2018

9 Easy Ways To Make Your Mason County Home More Eco-Friendly

Steps Towards Having an Eco-Friendly Home in Mason County, WA

Moving Towards an Eco-Friendly Home in Mason County, WAIf you live in out here in western Washington, it is safe to say that you care about our planet and the health of the environment. It is also safe to bet that you are conscious of how your home here in Mason county can have an impact on the environment.

Here are nine easy changes you can make in your Mason County home to reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Use Sustainable Building Materials

If you are building your new house in Mason County from scratch, you can inform your builder that you want to opt for more eco-friendly building materials for your windows, floors, and siding. Bamboo is one of the greenest materials that you can incorporate into your home because it grows insanely quickly.

2. Update Your Home Appliances

If your home is filled with older appliances, it would be a good idea to spring for some energy-smart upgrades. Technology has come an incredibly long way in making stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other large appliances far more energy efficient than they were even five to ten years ago.

3. Get Smart About Your Home’s Energy

One of the most fun ways to cut down on your energy waste is to make your home smarter with tools like Amazon’s Alexa. By bringing Alexa into your home, you can efficiently regulate your lights, appliances, heating, and air in order to cut back on waste.

4. Put Your Fridge In A Cool Place

Would it surprise you to know that placing your fridge in a sunny place could be wasting a lot of extra energy and raising your electric bill every month? If you are planning a kitchen renovation or building a new house here in Mason County, plan to place your fridge somewhere that the sun won’t be beating down on it and the stove won’t be too close.

5. Use Eco-Friendly Paints

Even paints are eco-friendly now! Next time you decide to spruce up your Mason County house with a fresh coat of paint, ask someone at the hardware store to show you a selection of green paints. They come in a variety of stylish colors and won’t force you to compromise on quality.

6. Go With A Low Flow Toilet

Low flow toilets are by far one of the easiest green installations that you can make to waste less water at home. It can take a little getting used to a low flow toilet, but the impact you will be making will be well worth the minor adjustment.

7. Install A Skylight

Bright, impressive, and stylish, skylights are one of the prettiest ways to add light to your home while simultaneously making it greener. Not only will you get to enjoy the floods of natural light, but those Washington rain storms will also become more enchanting.

8. Mattress Makeover

Zenhaven mattresses are all-natural and are made up of all-natural latex. They also last longer than traditional synthetic mattresses which clog up landfills. They are a bit on the pricey side, averaging just under $2,000 but will last you much longer than a regular mattress which you should replace every eight years, according to the experts.

9. Buy More Bamboo

Were you aware that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on planet earth? That makes it a very green material that you don’t have to feel so guilty about buying. Just about anything that is made of wood can be created with bamboo as a substitute. Consider purchasing a set of bamboo dishes or bamboo furniture to compliment your eco-friendly home.

Thinking Of Buying Or Selling A House In Mason County, WA?

There are so many attributes that make living here in Mason County a pleasure. We really believe that our neighborhoods and communities are filled with the best small businesses, schools, and organizations in Washington.

Our area is that it is so stunningly beautiful, it is no surprise that our real estate market is on fire! Now is one of the most exciting times to buy or sell real estate in Mason County in recent years.

Despite the fact that most of the county is a seller’s market, there are still some fantastic deals out there for savvy shoppers working with an experienced Mason County real estate broker.

Whether you are ready to sell and cash-in on the heat of the market, or are finally ready to build or buy your dream home, we have an experienced Mason County broker that will be a perfect partner for you.


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May 24, 2018

Is Living In Seattle Worth The Price?

What Makes Living in Seattle Worth It?

Seattle is enjoying a very hot seller’s market these days.

The real estate prices have been on a steady incline for months and months.

These prices, combined with the cost of living in the city, have many people wondering if the lifestyle is really worth the hefty price tag.

In today’s post, we are diving into the reasons behind the high price tags and also examining whether or not it is really worth it to fork over so much cash to call Seattle home. Why Are Seattle Home Prices So High?

The reason behind the price hikes goes back to basic supply and demand. Over the last couple of years, there has been a steep increase in the population in Seattle. However, the housing market has not been able to keep up with demand.

As of right now, there is very little inventory available for sale on the Seattle real estate market. Yet, more and more affluent young professionals continue to flock here. Combine those factors with the health of the economy, and you get the Seattle seller’s market that we have now.

The good news is, if you do have a property, this is a phenomenal time for you to sell it and make an impressive profit!

Living In Seattle Comes With Big-Time Perks

The beauty of Living in Seattle is Found OutdoorsSeattle is an extraordinary city.

Of course, we are a little biased as we have raised our family and built our family real estate business here for decades. However, we know we aren’t alone in our affinity towards Seattle.

The Emerald City offers many benefits and perks that you don’t get in other parts of Washington. Living within the city limits means having easy access to nightlife and wildlife, a long list of restaurants with menus that are to-die-for, and an overall culture that is as charming as it is eclectic.

When you buy a house or condo in Seattle, you are buying into the Seattle lifestyle more than just buying some property.

What Are Your Priorities?

Ultimately, deciding whether or not the price of buying a house or condo in Seattle will come down to your individual priorities.

You need to set a budget for yourself that is realistic to what you can afford and have one of our experienced Seattle real estate brokers show you just how much house that budget will buy you in various sections of Seattle. At that point, you will be better equipped to make the right decision for you.

Thinking Of Buying Or Selling A House In Seattle?

Seattle definitely lives up to its nickname; The Emerald City. It is a very lush, green, and eco-friendly city with all of the amenities of big city living like world-class dining, education, culture, and job opportunities. Seattle is also a very unique city in many ways, and so is its real estate market. Navigating the Seattle real estate market, should not be attempted alone.

You can view available properties in Seattle and get matched with an experienced Seattle real estate broker here.

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May 23, 2018

Three Options For Your Child’s After-School Program In Snohomish County

Things to Consider - After-School Program In Snohomish County

Discovering After-School Program In Snohomish CountyAfter-school programs are one of the best options you have for supplementing your child’s education and overall development. The Afterschool Alliance reports that more than 11 million children are without any type of care or program to attend in the hours following school. If you are lucky enough to live here in beautiful Snohomish County, you have a long list of options to choose from for your child’s after-school care.

Here are three options to help you narrow your search for the best after-school program in Snohomish County.

Option 1: After-School STEM Academy of Snohomish County

The After School STEM Academy has been serving the Snohomish community for 13 years now. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Local members of the community volunteer to provide engaging curriculum using everyday materials. The programs have been praised for supplying children with superior problem-solving skills that they can use in the real world.

The program takes over 150 volunteers during each session. If you would like to volunteer or learn more information about enrolling your children in the After School STEM Academy of Snohomish County contact Cindy Sackett at cindy@wabsalliance.org.

Option 2: Montessori Schools of Snohomish County

The Montessori Schools of Snohomish County are a superb option for your child’s care. They accept children as young as just six weeks old, all the way through 18 years of age. The Montessori Schools of Snohomish offer both before and after school care between the hours of 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

Here is what parents are saying about the Montessori Schools of Snohomish County:

"My three kids have attended the school. I have been amazed at the personalized attention they get and their progress, especially in their reading." - Todd

"The atmosphere at the school is fantastic. I am an administrator, and my children attend. Everyone at the school loves the students and really cares about their success." - Trista

For more information about the program and to find out how to get your children enrolled, contact the program director Kathy Gunnell, at 425) 355-1311 or email her at mymssc@aol.com.

Option 3: Camp Fire Snohomish

The Camp Fire Snohomish program is designed specifically for children from kindergarten through the fifth grade. Camp Fire Snohomish happens to be one of the most exciting after-school programs in the area and is a perfect choice for children that love the outdoors and frequently have a lot of extra energy to burn off.

The After School Program is held at English Crossing Elementary every day after school: 3pm-6pm. If your children go to Cougar Creek, they will be able to take a bus over to join the program. If they will be coming from Lakewood Elementary, caregivers from Camp Fire will meet them and walk them down.

Thinking of Moving to Snohomish County?

Here in Snohomish County, we value education. We also realize that our children are our future, and our communities are dedicated to the enrichment of the lives of all of our children. If you are like most parents, you want to raise your children in a place where your children can get a stellar education, both in and out of school. Snohomish County is that place.

Explore homes for sale in Snohomish County or get in touch with one of our experienced Snohomish County real estate brokers.


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May 22, 2018

What Are The Best Farmers Markets in Mason County?

Discovering Farmer Markets Near Mason County Homes

Shop Local Farmers Markets Near Mason County HomesFarmers markets are a fun way to grab your groceries for the week, spend some time outdoors, and support your local community.

We happen to be one of the few areas of the country that are fanatical about farmers markets, and we are proud to say that Western Washington has some of the best farmers markets in the country, if not the world.

Here are just a few of our favorite Mason County farmers markets that you should check out this weekend to buy some fresh & local produce, enjoy some entertainment, and grab a delicious meal.

Shelton Farmers Market

Every Saturday 9am-2pm from May to September you can shop till you drop at the Shelton Farmers Market, located at 207 Franklin Street Shelton, WA 98584. The organizers of the Shelton Farmers Market really go out of their way to create a bright, enjoyable experience for the entire family. They even feature two separate Kid’s Days to celebrate the beginning and end of Summer Vacation, with special activities like a treasure hunt where the kiddies can earn cool prizes.

What The Locals Say About Shelton Farmers Market

“I was looking for a place in town to purchase ranch eggs and found it here at Jay's. They had cage free white eggs and farm fresh brown eggs. There is a covered outside area with fruits, veggies, and some Christmas trees right now. The inside area has more fruits and veggies, whole bean coffee (Madrona) from a roaster in Tacoma, local honey, fresh raw goat's milk, tea, spices, small selection of meats, giant aloe vera leaves, a few smoked cheeses, and some bison and beef sticks that are really good. I'm giving this 5 stars based on it's clean, the staff are friendly and helpful, and so far this is the only farmer's style market I've found in Shelton.” - Joe

Olympia Farmers Market

Located at 700 North Capital Way in Olympia, you will find the fun and cheery Olympia Farmers Market, now open for its 43rd season, every Thursday through Sunday from 10 am - 3 pm. The Olympia Farmers market is one of the best local markets to grab a hot meal, as there are plenty of vendors offering hot food menus. There are also designated areas with tables and live bands you can enjoy while eating. It is important to note that some of the vendors only take cash, but there are ATM’s, so it is no big deal if you forget.

What The Locals Say About Olympia Farmers Market

“I love this market for its variety of vendors. You get homemade crafts from woodworking to needle crafts to homemade soaps to jewelry, etc. The majority of produce is organic. There are meats and seafood to purchase plus a variety of bakeries -- some with gluten-free options as well. I love the dairy farms that sell cheeses and fresh organic eggs. There are even home-baked goodies for your furry family members.” - Amie

Hunter Farms Market

The Hunter Farms market has been a part of Mason County since the late 19th century. The market is located right on the farm at 1921 E State Route 106 Union, WA and they are open every day from 9 am - 5 pm. The farm and market are family owned and operated, and you can bring the whole family out to purchase seasonal crops. In the Fall you can bring the kids to pick out the perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, and in the Winter you can return again for select the family Christmas Tree.

What The Locals Say About Hunter Farms Market

“This spot is great for the fall and for fun festivities. They have booths and areas to walk around and view lots of pumpkins and greenery. They even have hot dog stands and other local stands that they promote. They have a small grocery store to buy local goods and items like honey, jams, jellies, etc. The drive out there is along the water and beautiful. I would certainly recommend it for a fun activity. They also are very family and kid friendly!”

Thinking Of Moving To Mason County?

If you love living a healthy lifestyle, you will truly love living here in Mason County! Not only are there plenty of farmers markets and farm stands throughout the county, but there are endless ways to get out and exercise while enjoying the awe-inspiring scenery that surrounds us here.

Explore homes for sale in Mason County or get in touch with one of our experienced Mason County real estate brokers.


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May 19, 2018

Foodie Hot Spots In Mason County

Ready to Explore Tasty Food Near Your Mason County Home?

  • Are you a professor of pizza?
  • A lover of all things gourmet?
  • A slave to your taste buds?

Place to east near Mason County HomesIf you consider yourself a real foodie, you will love living here in Mason County where the produce is always fresh, the menus are always inspired, and the options are endless. No matter what you love and crave, Mason County has a restaurant, food truck, or cafe to meet your needs.

Here are a few of our favorite foodie hot spots from all over Mason County. We can’t get enough of them, and we know you will love them too!

Starshine Tacos

Starshine Tacos is a street vendor taco stand that offers traditional Mexican cuisine to satisfy your south of the border cravings. Don’t let the average appearance of Starshine Tacos deceive you; their food packs a wallop of flavor! Simple, fresh, and authentic ingredients lend themselves to making this street vendor a lunch-time destination if you’re in the Skokomish area. You can find Starshine Tacos at 19490 US 101 Skokomish, WA 98584.

What Diners Are Saying About Starshine Tacos

“This is the best Street Vendor Taco stand I have ever been to. Big on quality and taste. I indulged in the burrito yesterday I was amazed at the quality of ingredients and the huge impact of flavor. I am going back for tamales. Quality ingredients, friendly staff, and taste sensation. If you pass this place without giving it a try, you are missing out!” -MJ

Kelsey’s All Natural

Belly up to a picnic table and bring a big appetite to enjoy the startlingly scrumptious menu at Kelsey’s All Natural, located at 21391 N US Hwy 101 Shelton, WA 98584. Homemade sauces, organic grass-fed beef, and homemade rootbeer are just three of the claims to fame for Kelsey’s. The staff is both friendly and fast, so even a long line of anxious foodies won’t prevent you from getting your eats quickly.

What Diners Are Saying About Kelsey’s All Natural

“For vegetarians: the veggie burger was dope. Really well made. Add aioli & grilled onions & it's In N Out animal style. The guy working there was hustling & he made it work. We got our food quickly & with some extra biscuits on the side. Overall was a great experience & I highly recommend Kelsey's” - Charlie

Hoodsport Pizzeria

Head out to 150 N Lake Cushman Rd Hoodsport, WA 98548, where you will find Hoodsport Pizzeria. This relatively small pizzeria is simple in its decor, but sensational in its menu. Everyone that stops in for a quick slice seems to become a regular, returning time after time to chow down on the divine pizza.

What Diners Are Saying About Hoodsport Pizza

“BEST PIZZA PLACE!!! the crust was perfect, the sauce amazing, the cheese was SUPER cheesy!!! The mushrooms, I hate mushrooms for their fibery texture. His in the pizza were so fresh and firm, and I ate them all!!! We got the Greek, and one like a combo had everything all so yummy. The salad was fresh, bright greens and red onions were so crispy. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!! We come hiking up here often, and you will be our stop EVERYTIME. Even if it's just to take it home for the evening. :) Please NEVER CHANGE!!! We loved it.” - Annalee

Thinking Of Moving To Mason County?

The tasty treats spread throughout Mason County are not the only reasons to move here. Mason County is known for it’s jaw-dropping scenery, healthy lifestyle, top-notch schools, and charming communities.

If you would like to explore what’s for sale here in Mason County, and learn more about how to get the best deal on a Mason County dream home, get in touch with one of our experienced brokers.


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May 18, 2018

5 Bathroom Upgrades That Add Value To Your King County House

Upgrading your King County house?

Selling Your King County House for Top Dollar.jpgYou should be careful about how and where you allocate that renovation budget. If there is any chance that you will be selling your house in the next ten years, you need to be strategic about the rooms and projects that you choose.

Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important rooms in the house, especially when it comes to resale values. Here are five ways that you can upgrade your bathroom in order to increase the overall value of your King County home.

1. Get Rid Of That Old Wallpaper

Is your bathroom still rocking some outdated wallpaper? Or perhaps a bold paint color? Studies and surveys show that neutral paint colors are more appealing to buyers, and therefore will quickly add value to your home.

2. Install New Shower Heads

Adding and upgrading the heads in your showers is a great way to knock the socks off guests and potential buyers, and you are sure to enjoy them in the meantime. If you have a large shower, consider installing his and hers shower heads on opposing sides. Rain shower heads are also very popular and perfect for adding both appeal and value.

3. Let There Be Light

Windows and lighting features play a bigger role in your bathroom than you may think. Nobody wants to be in a dark and dingy bathroom. If you don’t have any, consider adding a window or two to allow some natural light to flow in. If adding windows is not an option, invest in some pretty and modern lighting fixtures to brighten up the space.

4. Supply Plenty Of Storage

When you are getting caught-up in a bathroom renovation, it is really easy to overlook the storage component. That is a costly mistake to make. Having ample storage for linens and personal toiletries is a big priority for most homeowners and will cut down on clutter so you can keep your bathroom looking pristine.

5. Radiant Heated Floors

Want to kick the level of luxury in your bathroom up a few notches? Consider installing radiant heated floors in your bathroom, perfect for keeping your feet warm on those chilly winter mornings. Heated floors are also an easy way to seriously impress buyers and give your King county house a competitive edge over the rest.

Want To Sell Your King County House For Top-Dollar?

There are many upgrades that you can make to your Kind County house if you want to get the best possible sales price in today’s real estate market. However, there are also a great many “upgrades” that will be a total waste of your hard-earned cash. The best way to know where you should invest your time and money before you sell your King County house is to get personalized advice from a trusted, and experienced King County real estate broker.

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May 17, 2018

Kid-Friendly Farmers Markets in Snohomish County

Explore Farmers Markets in Snohomish CountyFarmers markets are part of the lifestyle here in the Pacific Northwest. We love to live, eat, and buy all things local, which means there is no shortage of farmers markets in Snohomish County.

Since most farmers markets are only open during weekends and summers, when the kids are home from school, we wanted to find the Snohomish County Farmers Markets that were fun for the whole family.

Not only do these farmers markets feature vendors and entertainment, but they also have exclusive perks just for kids.

Port Susan Farmers Market

The Port Susan Farmers Market is a local institution. The market, which was started back in 2010, features a long list of local vendors providing everything you could ever hope to find at a farmers market.

Two elements that make the Port Susan market unique are the Sprouting Healthy Kids program and the Chef At The Market tent, where shoppers can watch a live cooking demonstration. Sprouting Healthy Kids is a food discovery area featuring activities for children designed to attract more families and engage children in food and nutrition education.

Everett Farmers Market

Everett Farmers Market earns its spot on our list because they not only feature a satisfying lineup of vendors, but they are one of the few markets that are also open during the week (Wednesdays). Every Sunday, you can listen to local artists lie while you shop for the week’s groceries.

The Everett Farmers Market also features the KERNAL program for kids. Kids Eating Right Nutrition and Exercise for Life (KERNEL) introduces children to healthy living and eating habits through simple weekly activities at local farmers markets. In exchange for their time and participation, children receive a $2 voucher, aka, KERNEL cash, that they can use to purchase fresh produce or plant starts at the farmers market.

Allowing kids to purchase market produce with their KERNEL cash, gives them experience participating in commerce and exchange, will enable them to develop communication skills as they are buying food and reinforces the idea of supporting local farmers and communities through participating as farmers market customers.

Thinking Of Moving To Snohomish County?

If you are like most people, you want to live in a place where you can work, play, and lead a happy, healthy life. Unlike most regions, Western Washington offers you the ability to have it all!

Buying and selling real estate is a very serious endeavor, but it should still be an enjoyable and lucrative one. That experience is so much more comfortable and stress-free when you have the help of people you trust on your side to handle all of the details, paperwork, and legal complications that can arise.

To be genuinely confident when buying a new home for you and your family, you should always rely on the guidance of a local expert that understands the area on a deeper level. That's where we come in.

RSVP Real Estate is a locally owned and sourced firm with an emphasis on family. Our team of elite local brokers knows the area like the back of their hands.

Find Your Dream Home In Snohomish County

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May 15, 2018

Must-See Farmers Markets in King County

Get Heirloom tomatoes at Farmers Markets in King CountyOne of the most wonderful things about living in King County is that there is no shortage of fabulous farmers markets. In fact, there are so many markets to explore, its hard to see them all. Not a bad problem to have if you ask us! Here are some of our favorite farmer’s markets throughout King County.

Madrona Farmers Market

Nestled in one of King County’s most diverse neighborhoods is the marvelous Madrona Farmers Market. If you live in the Central District, Cherry Hill, Madison Valley, Madrona, and Madison Park, this market was made for you.

The Madrona Farmers Market features a wide range of seasonal produce from Washington farmers, fishers, and ranchers. You'll also find an extraordinary variety of artisan foods made from locally grown ingredients sourced directly from Washington family farms.

Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market

What better way to spend a sunny Saturday than making your way through a farmers market while also enjoying stunning waterfront views?! Set against the backdrop of the Olympics and the Puget Sound, Des Moines Farmers Market is a must-see destination for buying local.

Located in the close-knit Marina District of Des Moines, WA, the Des Moines Farmers Market offers fresh and tasty seasonal crops direct from the growers, an appetizing array of food vendors, a veritable collection of local craftspeople, and toe-tapping live musical offerings. There are also frequent family-friendly events featuring music and other performers for you to enjoy.

Bothell Farmers Market

The Bothell Farmers Market offers a large variety of in-season, locally grown produce, straight from the farm! Pick up fresh cut flower bouquets, locally grown berries, homemade baked goods, fresh bread, organic fruits & veggies, oil & vinegar, honey, coffee, & jams. We sell handmade items from local artisans including jewelry, candles, soap, & more. Every week you can also enjoy live music and entertainment while you shop.

Thinking Of Moving To King County?

If you are like most people, you want to live in a place where you can work, play, and lead a happy, healthy life. Unlike most regions, Western Washington offers you the ability to have it all!

Buying and selling real estate is a very serious endeavor, but it should still be an enjoyable and lucrative one. That experience is so much more comfortable and stress-free when you have the help of people you trust on your side to handle all of the details, paperwork, and legal complications that can arise.

To be genuinely confident when buying a new home for you and your family, you should always rely on the guidance of a local expert that understands the area on a deeper level. That's where we come in.

RSVP Real Estate is a locally owned and sourced firm with an emphasis on family. Our team of elite local brokers knows the area like the back of their hands.

Find Your Dream Home In King County, Washington

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