Steps Towards Having an Eco-Friendly Home in Mason County, WA

Moving Towards an Eco-Friendly Home in Mason County, WAIf you live in out here in western Washington, it is safe to say that you care about our planet and the health of the environment. It is also safe to bet that you are conscious of how your home here in Mason county can have an impact on the environment.

Here are nine easy changes you can make in your Mason County home to reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Use Sustainable Building Materials

If you are building your new house in Mason County from scratch, you can inform your builder that you want to opt for more eco-friendly building materials for your windows, floors, and siding. Bamboo is one of the greenest materials that you can incorporate into your home because it grows insanely quickly.

2. Update Your Home Appliances

If your home is filled with older appliances, it would be a good idea to spring for some energy-smart upgrades. Technology has come an incredibly long way in making stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other large appliances far more energy efficient than they were even five to ten years ago.

3. Get Smart About Your Home’s Energy

One of the most fun ways to cut down on your energy waste is to make your home smarter with tools like Amazon’s Alexa. By bringing Alexa into your home, you can efficiently regulate your lights, appliances, heating, and air in order to cut back on waste.

4. Put Your Fridge In A Cool Place

Would it surprise you to know that placing your fridge in a sunny place could be wasting a lot of extra energy and raising your electric bill every month? If you are planning a kitchen renovation or building a new house here in Mason County, plan to place your fridge somewhere that the sun won’t be beating down on it and the stove won’t be too close.

5. Use Eco-Friendly Paints

Even paints are eco-friendly now! Next time you decide to spruce up your Mason County house with a fresh coat of paint, ask someone at the hardware store to show you a selection of green paints. They come in a variety of stylish colors and won’t force you to compromise on quality.

6. Go With A Low Flow Toilet

Low flow toilets are by far one of the easiest green installations that you can make to waste less water at home. It can take a little getting used to a low flow toilet, but the impact you will be making will be well worth the minor adjustment.

7. Install A Skylight

Bright, impressive, and stylish, skylights are one of the prettiest ways to add light to your home while simultaneously making it greener. Not only will you get to enjoy the floods of natural light, but those Washington rain storms will also become more enchanting.

8. Mattress Makeover

Zenhaven mattresses are all-natural and are made up of all-natural latex. They also last longer than traditional synthetic mattresses which clog up landfills. They are a bit on the pricey side, averaging just under $2,000 but will last you much longer than a regular mattress which you should replace every eight years, according to the experts.

9. Buy More Bamboo

Were you aware that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on planet earth? That makes it a very green material that you don’t have to feel so guilty about buying. Just about anything that is made of wood can be created with bamboo as a substitute. Consider purchasing a set of bamboo dishes or bamboo furniture to compliment your eco-friendly home.

Thinking Of Buying Or Selling A House In Mason County, WA?

There are so many attributes that make living here in Mason County a pleasure. We really believe that our neighborhoods and communities are filled with the best small businesses, schools, and organizations in Washington.

Our area is that it is so stunningly beautiful, it is no surprise that our real estate market is on fire! Now is one of the most exciting times to buy or sell real estate in Mason County in recent years.

Despite the fact that most of the county is a seller’s market, there are still some fantastic deals out there for savvy shoppers working with an experienced Mason County real estate broker.

Whether you are ready to sell and cash-in on the heat of the market, or are finally ready to build or buy your dream home, we have an experienced Mason County broker that will be a perfect partner for you.