Finding the Right After-School Programs In Kitsap County

Considering after School Options Near Kitsap County Homes.jpgThere is nothing more important than our children.

As parents, we all want to provide them with the very best in everything that life has to offer.

That includes their education, of course! Their education does not start and stop when the school bell rings each day. Their education should be continuous.

If you are like most parents, work prevents you from being able to be with your children for at least a few hours after school. Rather than paying a traditional babysitter to care for them, you may want to consider enhancing their development by enrolling them in one of the fabulous after-school programs here in Kitsap County.

While there are many wonderful options for after-school care, here are a couple of our favorite after-school programs, perfectly designed for advancing development.

Champions at Silver Ridge

The Champions at Silver Ridge program offers children educational activities that stimulate their imaginations and sense of creativity. Art, dramatic play, mathematics, science, language, and motor skills are all included in the program curriculum.

One of the most unique offerings at Champions is the robotics program. This exceptional program will arm your children with valuable skills such as critical thinking, cause and effect, creative expression, and question-based learning. Children get to dive head first into robotics and technology to give them a full-blown 21st-century education.

YMCA Before and After School Program

The YMCA has partnered up with South Kitsap Elementary to provide quality before and after school programming for elementary age children. The hours are from school dismissal to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at Orchard Heights Elementary School, 2288 Fircrest Dr., and Sidney Glen Elementary School, 500 SW Birch Rd.

Parents and children are big fans of the YMCA program because children are offered very diverse programming, as well as, a full hour of physical activity, and healthy snacks to keep their minds and bodies fueled.

Parents really love the portion of the program that ensures students complete their homework each day. Additionally, after-school program staff will coordinate and communicate with your childrens’ teachers to identify any areas where they may be struggling and offer them additional support.

Thinking of Moving To Kitsap County?

Your children’s education is one of your biggest priorities, especially when you are looking for your family’s forever home. When your work prevents you from being home with your children before and after school, you want to make sure that they have a fun, safe, and educational place to grow. When you move to Kitsap County, you can be sure that you will have plenty of options to provide that environment for your children.

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