Finding Child Care Near Mason County Homes

Child Care Near Mason County HomesFew things are more important than the care of your children. Especially during their early developmental years. It is no surprise that most parents in Mason County choose a home based on its proximity to the best child care programs.

While there are many excellent child care programs here in Mason County, we have found that these are some the best based on their curriculum, ratings, and parent reviews.

Shelton Valley Christian Child Development Center

The instructors and caregivers at the Shelton Valley Christian Child Development Center are dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating and healthy environment for your children to learn and grow in. Their mission is to establish a firm educational foundation for every child in their care so as to they can go on to get the most out of their primary and secondary education.

The Shelton Valley Christian Child Development Center accepts infants as young as six weeks and continues to care for them all the way through age 12 with care after school. They have a reasonably large capacity of 146 children.

The center is located at 200 W SHELTON VALLEY ROAD, SHELTON WA 98584, and you can reach them by calling (360) 426-0743.

Skokomish Child Care

The Skokomish Child Care Center is another excellent option for providing your children with an early education that is rooted in the community. Unlike most childcare centers, the Skokomish Child Care Center goes way above and beyond to offer a vast array of services in the areas of medical, dental, and mental health; nutrition and parent involvement. This center looks beyond the child and focuses on servicing the family as a whole to ensure that each child is supported at school and at home.

Parents love that the Skokomish Child Care Center really strives to look at the child as a whole. They don’t just teach children fundamentals like letters and numbers, they also work on problem-solving skills, communication skills, and work on developing each child’s sense of inner control. Every child at the Skokomish Child Care Center is equally respected and treated as a team player.

The Center is located at NO 80 TRIBAL CENTER RD, SHELTON WA 98584 and you can get in touch with them by calling (360) 877-9007. They accept children as young as 11 months old, and foster their growth through the age of nine.

Colorful Creations

If you are in search of a smaller child care center with more of a boutique feel, the Colorful Creations center will be perfect for you! They have a maximum capacity of just 27 children, so you know that the class size will always be relatively small. This charming child care center is equal parts dynamic, healthy, and engaging. It is no mystery at all why children and parents both adore Colorful Creations.

You can find Colorful Creations at 2323 NORTH AD, Shelton WA 98584 and you can reach them by calling (360) 427-1382. They accept children as early as one year old, all the way through the age of twelve.

Thinking Of Moving To Mason County?

Your children's education is one of your biggest and foremost priorities. As a parent, you want to make sure that you are setting your beloved little ones up for success from the very beginning. When you live here in Mason County, you can rely on the high-quality of child care and educational opportunities that your children will have.

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