Seattle Home Staging on a BudgetWe have told you plenty of times before that staging your house is a big-time must if you want to get the best possible price and get the deal done quickly.

However, we also know that not everyone has a steep budget to go all out on staging.

Not to worry! Just because you can’t afford to spend a fortune on staging does not mean that you can’t still make some strategic adjustments to help maximize your profits. Here’s what we suggest.

Roll Up Those Rugs

Do you have gorgeous hardwood floors that you are hiding under area rugs? Roll them up! Buyers swoon over original hardwood floors, and they deserve to be shown off. Not to mention, if your rugs are even slightly tattered or dirty, they will turn off potential buyers during showings.

Replace Wall Art & Hide Family Photos

Replace your wall art with mirrors which reflect light, give the appearance of larger rooms, and add an element of luxe to the overall decor. Remember, your taste is not necessarily the taste of others. Your art can be a distraction to buyers, and family photos can make it harder for them to picture your house as their future home.

Update Your Dusty Old Lampshades

Are your lampshades a bit on the musty side? No buyer wants to see that. It may sound insignificant, but small details can make for a big difference. For very little money you can upgrade those old, dusty shades with clean, modern ones.

Remember To Flip The Switch

Before potential buyers arrive for their showing, take a moment and turn all the lights on and show them that you have nothing to hide. The brighter and warmer a house is, the more appealing it will be to buyers. It doesn’t hurt to open all of the shades and curtains too while you are at it.

Set The Table

It may sound silly but setting the table can actually help your odds of getting an offer. This is especially true if your dining room table is not in the best of shape. Use a runner or tablecloth and set a few places to disguise that tattered table and help buyers imagine themselves sitting down there for family meals.

Need To Get Your Seattle Property Sold Quickly?

When you need to unload your Seattle property on the fly, but still want to secure a profit you can be proud of; you’re going to need to pull out all of the tricks.

Our experienced and very strategic Seattle real estate brokers are very familiar with everything it takes to get your Seattle property prepped, listed, and sold in even the toughest of market conditions.

If you haven’t already, check out how much your Seattle house is worth on today’s market, and browse our collection of top-notch Seattle listing experts.