Spring is in the air and Seattle property owners are shouting out Hallelujah! The birds are chirping, trees are green, flowers blossoming, and the days are finally growing longer. Winter clothes are ready to be packed away as folks prepare for summer. It is also time to start your spring cleaning.

If you are like most people living in Seattle homes, you are environmentally conscious and aware of your carbon footprint. That means that your spring cleaning tasks it will be slightly different with less chemicals and more fresh air in mind.Luckily there are plenty of ways to freshen your Seattle property this spring, without hurting the environment.

Use Natural Ingredients to Clean Your Seattle Home

Using natural ingredients is just as or more effective than using modern cleaning concoctions. Scrubbing and sanitizing your house does not necessarily require you to use harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. After all our grandmothers kept house with the best of them. And what worked well for her surely has stood the test of time. Many items already in the cupboard of your Seattle home are useful in cleaning. For example, both lemons and vinegar can be used to clean greasy surfaces like microwaves and stovetops.

Save the trees and skip the paper towels. There is no question that paper product consumption is damaging to the environment. While paper towels are great for wiping up accidental spills use rags for the hard work. Old clothing that is too worn to donate transforms into wonderful, repurposed cleaning cloths. And, microfiber cloths from the dollar store don’t dent the budget and can be washed and reused.

Hang Linens Out to Dry in Seattle Homes 

It is always a good idea while spring cleaning to wash the linens in your house. If you are like most people, certain linens like your drapes and curtains rarely get washed but could certainly use it. Again, follow grandma’s rule of thumb. Skip the dryer, save energy and hang them on the line. Let the fresh air do the work. Mother Nature will thank you for conserving energy and water while doing Springtime’s extra laundry.

Declutter Your Seattle Property

A great way to give yourself more space and give back to the community is to look throughout your home for items that you do not need or no longer use. Sort items that have not been touched or used in the last six months into piles that can be recycled or donated. Clean out the closet of clothing that you no longer wear and relish all the extra space. In the kids’ room when the toy box is overflowing encourage the youngsters to get in on the act. Once sorted through, If there are still to many in the keep pile switch some out. Rotate them back in at a later date and enjoy the moment as children rediscover their favorites. Goods that are donated to a local shelters or charities in the Seattle real estate area of your choice are sure to bring smiles to those in need.

Springtime is the best time to implement ways to help the environment in your lifestyle. Small but significant differences in such as eco-friendly cleaning techniques help to reduce carbon footprints in the Seattle real estate area and beyond.

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