The Seattle real estate region is one of the best in America for foodies to explore. The entire city is littered with amazing markets, cafes, food trucks, and restaurants that are sure to knock your socks off. In fact, there are so many unusual and sensational places to grab a bite that it can feel impossible to choose just one. Locals and visitors alike love to sink their teeth into delicious dishes and venues on the Seattle food scene don't disappoint. 

Savor the Tastes of Seattle Real Estate 

Make your way over to the bustling South Lake Union neighborhood, where you will find a multi-storied building brimming with tasty pizzas, buttery biscuits, and a very serious bar. This is the home of Serious Pie and Biscuit. At this local favorite, biscuits are topped with everything from fried chicken and gravy to seasonal jams. Their bar features 24 rotating taps and over 60 bottles and cans of beer from all over the world. The Seattle property bartenders have fun creating NW inspired cocktails. A great selection of spirits, and a beautifully curated Italian wine list are also available for you to sip your way through. Customers love Serious Pie and declare that, "The menu is different, if you're looking for a slice of pepperoni pizza, you've come to the wrong place. They seem to have taken care with their menu to make sure that the ingredients are far out there, yet they work together very well. If you are the adventures sort, just have whatever the special is, it won't disappoint.” - Jacob

International Cuisine Tempts Tummies on Seattle Property

When seeking food with a more Latin flare, venture into La Isla Cuisine, where you will always feel like you are on vacation. La Isla Cuisine is not only the first Puerto Rican restaurant to grace Seattle real estate, it is frequently rated as the best Caribbean restaurant in the city. Join them for brunch, lunch, or dinner any day of the week if you are looking for a festive restaurant full of flavorful surprises. Rave reviews state, “The food here is amazing! It's rare that I go to a restaurant and like everything on my plate, but every dish at La Isla is fantastic. I would highly recommend the salmon a la parrilla.” - Kelly

For a French brasserie perfect for romantic occasions, you can't do any better than Cafe Champagne. With doors opening in 1994, Café Campagne has built a regional and national reputation as Seattle property's first classic French restaurant. Located just along the historic Post Alley of the Pike Place Market, they offer a dining experience that is exceptional in traditional French food & wine, and comfortable in ambiance and service. Diners declare that Cafe Champagne is "Cozy and charming slice of the French countryside. The food is excellent. Generously but not overwhelmingly portioned. Friendly and comfortable service. The chocolate mousse is outstanding. Entrée prices are very reasonable for the quality.” - Paul-Gabriel, and " You’ll be in heaven. Do it in the summer sitting on the sidewalk, and you’ll be in Nirvana. The food is good as well. But nothing can surpass the fries and the corpse riser.” - Laua

Explore Seattle Real Estate's Beloved Pike Place 

One of Seattle's most beloved institutions, the Pike Place Market draws in a crowd on a regular basis. Perhaps the best thing about a visit to Pike Place is that you can virtually eat your way from one end to the next, sampling and savoring the best ingredients and menu items that Northern Washington has to offer. Friends find time to toast one another on the Seattle property with samples of beer and wine. Dining delights seem limitless with folks proclaiming, "Some of the favorites here are Rachel's Ginger Beer, where they offer a variety of flavored ginger beers; Pirosky Pirosky, a Russian bakery with some bomb pastries; the fish-throwing booth; Chowder, where you can find some top-notch clam chowder; and again, the really nice bouquets of flowers. Some other popular places here are the first Starbucks and Mee Sum Pastry, which I feel are "try once" type of places.” - Jeff

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