The city of Seattle, Washington is recognized for many things including climate, coffee, and the title of the Emerald City. Perhaps one of the best perks of living in Seattle is the healthy lifestyle residents have adopted. Over the last couple of decades, Seattle has evolved into one of the most robust and health-conscious cities in America. Healthy habits have become a way of life in this wonderful community with folks incorporating exercise, nutrition and positive outlooks into their daily routines.

Burn Calories on Commute when Living in Seattle

Everyone knows that regular exercise is a main component of staying healthy but for a large number of the population fitting in the time is a struggle. Many of the people calling Seattle home and working in the region treat their commute as an opportunity to burn calories. Bicycle riding is a preferred method of travel with those facing a short travel time. Along city streets, bike paths pave the way allowing workers to whisk to work inhaling fresh air while awakening to the day. Walking is another favorite method to get to and from the workplace. Since the city is so biker and walker friendly, it is a very pleasant way to get to where you're going and tone-up without having to make a trip to the gym.

Breathe deep and feel blessed. Exercising the mind as well as the body keeps it a folks feeling both a sense of energy and calmness.Yoga is an excellent tool to help tone-up and unwind. Yoga classes for every skill level, schedule, and budget are sprinkled throughout Seattle, making it easy to find a class any day of the week. Beautiful natural settings add to the ambiance on Seattle real estate. And the call to practicing yoga in the outdoors is answered in many of the parks and other areas.Whether you are trying yoga for the first time, or consider yourself a full-blown Yogi, Living in Seattle is a haven.

Eating Fresh and Support Local Farms on Seattle Real Estate

Exercise and eating well go hand in hand. And, on Seattle real estate healthy foods are easy to come by. Farmers Markets are weekly destinations for families. These shopping stops feature the very best in organic produce, meats, cheeses, plus anything else you might hope to put in the cupboard. Placing farm to table meals on the table are great goals readily kept. Memories are made and cherished of loved ones shopping together and bringing their goods back home ready to create culinary masterpieces. The gift of supporting the local farms and businesses is an added bonus as well.

Seattle residents find time for one another. In this friendly community a closeness exist that turns neighbors into friends with ease. Coffee houses seem to fill the streets to the brim and make great gathering places. These low key establishments set the scene for first dates, morning stops, and impromptu business meetings. Seattle real estate is well known for boasting the best in coffee, and heady brews help to perk up those sipping cups full. Come pull up a seat, grab a cup and get to know some of the folks that make living in Seattle so wonderful.