Explore Farmers Markets in Snohomish CountyFarmers markets are part of the lifestyle here in the Pacific Northwest. We love to live, eat, and buy all things local, which means there is no shortage of farmers markets in Snohomish County.

Since most farmers markets are only open during weekends and summers, when the kids are home from school, we wanted to find the Snohomish County Farmers Markets that were fun for the whole family.

Not only do these farmers markets feature vendors and entertainment, but they also have exclusive perks just for kids.

Port Susan Farmers Market

The Port Susan Farmers Market is a local institution. The market, which was started back in 2010, features a long list of local vendors providing everything you could ever hope to find at a farmers market.

Two elements that make the Port Susan market unique are the Sprouting Healthy Kids program and the Chef At The Market tent, where shoppers can watch a live cooking demonstration. Sprouting Healthy Kids is a food discovery area featuring activities for children designed to attract more families and engage children in food and nutrition education.

Everett Farmers Market

Everett Farmers Market earns its spot on our list because they not only feature a satisfying lineup of vendors, but they are one of the few markets that are also open during the week (Wednesdays). Every Sunday, you can listen to local artists lie while you shop for the week’s groceries.

The Everett Farmers Market also features the KERNAL program for kids. Kids Eating Right Nutrition and Exercise for Life (KERNEL) introduces children to healthy living and eating habits through simple weekly activities at local farmers markets. In exchange for their time and participation, children receive a $2 voucher, aka, KERNEL cash, that they can use to purchase fresh produce or plant starts at the farmers market.

Allowing kids to purchase market produce with their KERNEL cash, gives them experience participating in commerce and exchange, will enable them to develop communication skills as they are buying food and reinforces the idea of supporting local farmers and communities through participating as farmers market customers.

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