There is no denying the fact that the King County real estate market is hot, hot, hot! When considering selling a home timing is key. And, it’s hard to believe that less than ten years ago, the market was in complete turmoil because right now it seems as if it has never been stronger. 

In fact, the only real problem with the King County real estate market right now is that there is never seems enough inventory to go around. Those who have been on the sidelines watching and waiting may want to jump on in and join the action for several reasons. 

1. The King County Real Estate Market Is a Seller’s Market...for Now

This is one of the best times for sellers to place their King County home on the market and earn soaring profits. With inventory low, and demand high, it is rare right now that sellers don’t find themselves receiving multiple offers or in a full-fledged bidding war. Buyers searching for the perfect Seattle property will be willing to make concessions that in a different climate would not even be considered. 

However, just like with all good things, this seller's market will come to an end eventually, and probably sooner rather than later. The more that you try to bank on being able to get an amazing offer someday down the line, the more money you are putting at risk. So if the idea of selling is somewhere in your mind it may be worth seriously pondering.

2. People Are Getting Priced Out of King County Homes

Although Seattle is quickly emerging as one of the most desirable places to live in the United States, it is not exactly affordable for everyone who wants to call the city home. Unless you have a high-paying job, it is getting next to impossible to be able to purchase within the city limits. Therefore, if you own a property surrounding the city, or elsewhere in King County, you are likely to find a number of people that are looking for a house just like yours. This is a limited-time opportunity for you to cash-in on the high cost of living in the King County real estate region.

3. Spring Is a Popular Season to Move into a King County Home

Spring happens to be the most popular time to move, for a number of reasons. Not only is the climate ideal, but spring often gives people a sense of urgency to renew their surroundings, lives, and homes. Combined with the fact that our seller’s market has already reached its peak, this spring is the perfect time for you to list and sell your King County home. 

No one denies that selling a house is a tricky endeavor. Once seriously contemplating placing your King County home on the market questions might pop up left and right. There is so much to do and think about, and prospective sellers often wonder probably how much their property is worth and what is necessary to get the property ready for the market.

RSVP Real Estate can answer these questions as well as what are the best ways to guarantee properties earn top dollar  and if now is truly the best time to list.

This could also be a very emotional time, as you prepare to sell this property and transition on. For most people preparing and selling a house can make you feel downright overwhelmed. We get it; you want to make sure that you’re making a smart financial move that you won’t regret later. When you have the guidance of an experienced King County real estate broker that you trust, you can sit back and relax throughout the entire process. As a locally-owned and sourced family brokerage, RSVP Real Estate can serve you in ways that other firms just cannot.

Whether you are pondering the idea of selling your King County house or are ready to get the ball rolling, we can help you find out what your home is worth so give us a call.