Get Heirloom tomatoes at Farmers Markets in King CountyOne of the most wonderful things about living in King County is that there is no shortage of fabulous farmers markets. In fact, there are so many markets to explore, its hard to see them all. Not a bad problem to have if you ask us! Here are some of our favorite farmer’s markets throughout King County.

Madrona Farmers Market

Nestled in one of King County’s most diverse neighborhoods is the marvelous Madrona Farmers Market. If you live in the Central District, Cherry Hill, Madison Valley, Madrona, and Madison Park, this market was made for you.

The Madrona Farmers Market features a wide range of seasonal produce from Washington farmers, fishers, and ranchers. You'll also find an extraordinary variety of artisan foods made from locally grown ingredients sourced directly from Washington family farms.

Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market

What better way to spend a sunny Saturday than making your way through a farmers market while also enjoying stunning waterfront views?! Set against the backdrop of the Olympics and the Puget Sound, Des Moines Farmers Market is a must-see destination for buying local.

Located in the close-knit Marina District of Des Moines, WA, the Des Moines Farmers Market offers fresh and tasty seasonal crops direct from the growers, an appetizing array of food vendors, a veritable collection of local craftspeople, and toe-tapping live musical offerings. There are also frequent family-friendly events featuring music and other performers for you to enjoy.

Bothell Farmers Market

The Bothell Farmers Market offers a large variety of in-season, locally grown produce, straight from the farm! Pick up fresh cut flower bouquets, locally grown berries, homemade baked goods, fresh bread, organic fruits & veggies, oil & vinegar, honey, coffee, & jams. We sell handmade items from local artisans including jewelry, candles, soap, & more. Every week you can also enjoy live music and entertainment while you shop.

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