Green thumbs energetically plan for gardens all year round. Luck is with them as growing a garden on a Pacific Northwest property is much easier than other climates throughout the country. Thanks to the moist climate found in the region plants flourish and prosper. Yet despite the favorable growing climate here, planning and groundwork must be taken seriously by those who want to be proud of their garden this year and every year.

Timing is key. And, for gardens packed with dramatic colors and producing paramount flowers, fruits, and veggies, gardeners need to be careful about what to plant and when. Spring cleaning goes hand and hand with spring planting. Steps taken early in season earn spectacular results in gardens found surrounding Seattle homes.

Pacific Northwest Property Gardens Spring to Life

First off start with the basics and prepare garden soil for success. When you build a new house, you want to lay a strong, stable foundation first. The foundation of a house is integral to supporting and upholding the house. Without it, the house would surely crack and crumble to the ground. Similarly, the soil is the foundation of any Pacific Northwest property garden. Proper preparation provides the perfect environment for plants to flourish. Dig in and properly rototill, supplement, and fertilize the soil before spreading out seeds.

Choose wisely and enjoy the results. Certain plants prefer to grow and live in particular climates, so pick plants carefully researching those that perk up in the Pacific Northwest property growing region. Not all plants will thrive in the cool, damp, mild climate that distinguishes the Pacific Northwest from the rest of the country. This is evident by the sprawling shrubs, trees, and greenery you see everywhere.

Flowers add a splash of color and fragrance to any outdoor space. Popular picks for Seattle home gardens this spring include Alyssum, Bachelor's Buttons, California Poppies, Calendula and Fragrant Sweet Peas. Vegetable gardens are great ways to budget and eat healthy. Veggies and fruits that prosper and are best planted during spring include beans, blueberries, carrots, lettuce, kale, onions and radishes and strawberries. 

Indoor Gardens Are Great Space Savers inside Seattle Homes

Those who plan on growing an indoor garden will still have some homework to do. Indoor gardens may be perfect for those living in smaller spaces, but they also require some ground work. Springtime chores for indoor gardens include  removing dead and fallen leaves from plants and soil and then removing dust from remaining plants with a wet cloth. Regular nourishment stimulates growth. Finish prep work by feeding indoor gardens in Seattle homes with specially formulated fertilizer made specifically for indoor plants.

Knowledge and preparation is power. Get ahead of the game and with some simple prep work and Seattle home gardens are sure to impress. Whether indoor, outdoor, little or big the plot thickens and anticipation is satisfied as each flower comes up in bloom. 

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