Researching After-School Programs In King County

After-School Programs In King CountyYour children deserve a stellar education. That education does not have to end when the last school bell rings.

Studies have shown that children who attend educational programs before and after school have a higher rate of success both in and out of school. Plus, it is always reassuring as a parent to know your children are being cared for and in a safe, educational environment.

We are more than a little lucky to have some of the best schools and educational programs in all of Washington, right here in King County. It can be very time consuming to try combing through the plethora of options out there, so we have narrowed it down to three of our favorite after-school programs here in King County. We are confident you would be proud to send your children to any one of them.

GrassHopper Enrichment Programs

Encouraging, caring, and motivating are just three of the words that you could use to describe the staff at Grasshopper Enrichment. What makes Grasshopper unique is their focus on communication skills. They offer classes on leadership, public speaking, writing, and manners, all designed to help your child develop an advanced skill set that will set them up for tremendous success in life.

Check out what one parent had to say about GrassHopper: “GEE was great at empowering students to become better writers. They helped them create a finished product that reflected positively on them and was worthy of publishing. Their writing pieces were ultimately displayed in our library and were reviewed by a number of our other students.”

Each of the classes offered is tailored to age groups, and class sizes are efficiently kept small, ranging from 12-20 students each. You can learn more about the GrassHopper Enrichment Programs by calling 425-998-7794.

King County Best Starts for Kids

One of the most beloved after-school programs here in King County is powered by Schools Out Washington. They provide some of the very best summer and after-school programming in all of Washington State.

There is excellent diversity in the programs which aim to develop social, physical, leadership, and artistic skill sets.

The School’s Out Washington programs cater to children as young as five years old, all the way through young adulthood. For more information about the SOWA programs you can call 206.323.2396 or 1.888.419.9300.

Boys and Girls Club

Everyone knows that the Boys and Girls Clubs have been providing fantastic after-school programs to enrich the lives of young children and youth during non-school hours. The Boys and Girls Club is famed for having three main focus areas of development; academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles.

In addition to the more traditional before and after school programs for your school-aged children, the Boys and Girls Club assists teens in becoming employed through their Youth Force Teen Employment Program.

Here is what one teen in the program had to say about it: "YouthForce is more than just a job. It allows us to learn and grow whether it's when we're at work or not. It gives us so many opportunities that people can't usually say they've had. Having one-on-one help with our financial questions, or having the Dream Project there to help us with college, is just setting us up to succeed in life. Not many people can say their first jobs did that for them."

Thinking Of Moving To King County?

You child’s education doesn’t end when the school bell rings. If you want to invest in setting your child up for success in life, you may want to invest in enrolling them in one of the many fantastic after school programs that we are proud to have here in King County.

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